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The 6th generation cargo & hauling ship BLDVR Adom has been smuggling unsanctioned goods across the federation almost since it was constructed. On a recent outing you fell ill, displaying symptoms that suggested the possibility of a highly infectious virus. In line with protocol, you remained in quarantine for 2 weeks. However, when the door finally unlocked, you saw nobody to greet you on the other side. The ship appears to be on emergency power. What could have happened?

Made for Scream Jam 2020.


WASD : Move
Sprint: Shift
Crouch: Ctrl

Mouse: Look
Left Click: Fire

E: Interact/Open Door
F: Use MedKit
R: Reload
L-Shift: Sprint

Esc: Quit to Menu


  • Sprinting and opening doors make a lot of noise.
  • Walking while crouched is slower but quieter.
  • If in doubt, aim for the head.
  • The AI.Core is located behind the main terminal in the Bridge
  • Cargo Room 1 is on the lowest deck of the ship
  • Cargo Room 6 is on the top deck, opposite the Bridge
  • Cargo Room 3 & Armoury are on the middle decks


Ed Hicks: Developer, Designer

Joe McPhee: Designer, 3D Artist, Animator

With help from;

Turlough McHugh: Original Sound Track, SFX Artist


Joe McPhee on Itch.io/Artstation;



Ed Hicks on Itch.io; 


Turlough McHugh on Spotify;



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Version 10


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I tried this and 17 other entries from the scream jam. Lockdown is #10 in the video order. Cool atmosphere but boy do I suck at keeping a map of labyrinths in my mind, especially multi-level ones.

This was SO awesome! Really impressed with how much your team was able to pull off in such a short amount of time!
The blood  drips and movement sounds of the alien really made for a fun hunter/hunted experience. This definitely reminded me of Alien Isolation, so great work! My only suggestion would be that the layout of the ship was very labyrinthian, so a map would be a huge help. I got lost looking for the armory after I finally found the keycards. Otherwise, really fun game!
- Ryan of makegamergirls


Very good and atmospheric game

Thanks very much! :)